Questions often asked

What kind of gift would my fairy like?

Fairies especially love notes and pictures made by you.

What should I write on my note to my fairy?

You can tell your fairy whether you’re sad or worried or excited and happy. Your fairy will love to read all of your news no matter what it is because you wrote it just for them.

What jobs do fairies do?

Fairies are very busy! They blow away bad dreams, collect teeth, write notes, take worries away, grant wishes, and watch dreams at night to learn more about their humans. These are just some of their jobs. They also bring good luck and happiness where ever they go

What do fairies do with teeth?

Fairies keep the teeth that are left out for them. Your teeth hold all your childhood memories and fairies are guardians of these and take this job very seriously. They sometimes leave a small present in exchange because they know they are so precious.

How often should I write to my fairy?

It’s best to write everything in one note to your fairy once a week. Because fairies’ hands are so tiny they can get a little tired if they try to write notes back more often than that.

Why can’t I open my fairy door?

The door can only be opened by a real fairy with real fairy magic, no amount of fairy dust will open it unless you are an actual fairy.

What does my fairy do all day?

Your fairy sleeps all day so they are ready for that night and all the work they will do like blowing away bad dream breezes, collecting teeth and writing notes.

Do fairies ever get sad?

Yes fairies do get sad sometimes, especially when their human is sad or feeling worried. They can help you though: if you are feeling worried or sad about something, why not tell your fairy? Telling someone when you are feeling bad always makes you feel better.

When is my fairy's birthday?

Fairies are just like us and have birthdays so write to your fairy and ask her when it is

What does my fairy look like?

Fairies are just like us and they have different colour eyes and hair. Some fairies are quite tall and some are quite little! Write her a note and ask her to tell you.

My fairy has not replied to my letter. What do I do?

Fairies are very very busy but please don’t worry, she may have been blowing away bad dreams or searching for teeth. Fairies quite often don't write back as their hands are so tiny, but they love having messages so please carry on writing to them.