When your child receives their fairy door you’ll need to help them attach it to a spot in their bedroom, low on a wall or high on a shelf. All fairies are well trained in Fairy School so when she arrives make sure the fairy key is left somewhere easy for her to find so she can settle herself into her new home while your child is sleeping. Before your child goes to sleep help them sprinkle a tiny bit of fairy dust over the key to add sparkle and make the key shiny and easy to find. Fairies are so tiny they cannot be seen by human eyes as they would lose a teeny bit of their magic and sparkle each time so children are encouraged to go to sleep and get to know their fairy by writing notes to each other and drawing pictures.

Children use the magical door to welcome their very own fairy into their home. While they are sleeping at night fairies can leave messages or rewards such as money or presents.

Sometimes fairies will cheekily play with your childs’ toys whilst they’re asleep, leaving a trail of fairy dust, they’re never very good at tidying up behind them.

The fairy door is a simple way of helping and supporting a child through a difficult time whether its the usual little people issues like staying in their bed for the whole night and potty training - to much more distressing and unexpected periods of their young lives.

It can also be used for Santas tiny helpers on Christmas Eve to check the coast is clear before Santa arrives. The tooth fairy and dummy fairy also often use the same fairy doors.

Having a fairy coming to live with you is a journey, a family experience where lasting memories are made. As parents to little believers, we love when the fairies write back to our children, to see the wonder and excitement in their eyes; to see their imagination ignite right in front of us is beyond special. Every child is born with an imagination and having a magical friend helps the child to discover this enchanting world.

For the Grown Ups