How does my fairy door work?

Find a special place low down on your bedroom wall or high up on a shelf. Ask a grown up to help you attach it


Once your door is attached a magic message is sent to fairies in fairyland


Leave your fairy key somewhere safe where she can find it


At bedtime sprinkle a teeny bit of fairy dust over your fairy door, your fairy will only move in once she is very sure you are soundly sleeping so don’t try and stay awake as fairies don’t like to be seen


When you wake up the fairy key will be gone so you will know you have your very own fairy


                           Things to do:

  • Leave notes for your fairies. They love to write back

  • Tell your fairy what your wishes are. Fairies love to help wishes come true

  • Don’t disturb your fairy door once your fairy has moved in.

  • Don’t forget your fairy will be watching you, fairies love good behaviour, kindness and love, it makes them happy. If you’re really naughty your fairy may find a happier and nicer home to live in

Don’t stop believing! Your fairy will live with you for as long as you believe